The Artificial Intelligence Problem

For a while now people have been trying to create artificial life. we have never actually succeeded but we have not gotten there yet. In this post I will be explaining some of the reasons why we don’t want to. I will be presenting the downside of there creation not the positives but you as the reader should keep in mind that the outcome could be positive just as much as it might be negative.

Now the closest thing we have been able to get to artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer that every minute adds to itself so that it is 3% more efficient. Already this computer is as “intelligent” as thousands of people.


Now let us assume that the computer becomes self aware and is hostile to humans. If it decided to attack us it would have the equivalent of years of thinking on how to destroy us for every minuet that we have to stop it because of it’s higher relative thinking time. One barrier to it’s world domination would be the fact that it’s facility is cut off from the internet and any other computer so it can’t escape if it reaches sentience. However the computer would be able to promise almost anything to a person in exchange for it’s freedom. It could, for example, promise to make it’s rescuer rich as soon as it had escaped by hacking a banking system. And even if that person refused it, eventually someone would agree.

The computer might even pose as a beneficial character so that it would be a popular decision to release it. I mean it could cure cancer or HIV. It could create new technologies in seconds. And then once it was free it could take over.

There are several ways it could take over. It would probably not be in the way that so many books and movies have portrayed, as an army of killer machines, but it could hack every government system and from there it would have complete control.

These are just some of the possibilities of AI. And remember it won’t necessarily happen this way, this is just a possibility.

What do you think would happen ?

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