My dream of what I will be doing once you leave school

My dream for when i get out school and then college is to be a disaster situation contingency planer. what this means is that i would work for some government and plan the governments response to disastrous events.

what really inspired me to do this was the seed bank in Norway. the seed bank is a place were seeds are stored in case we need to replant a certain species.

here is a post by my friend Kaan about surviving a zombie apocolips. this is not actualy the sort of thing i would like to do but it is still a cool post.

What to pack for the apocolypse

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2 thoughts on “My dream of what I will be doing once you leave school”

  1. G’day Issaka,
    An interesting post I would have loved to flip but you didn’t include any images or links. If you edit the post and improve it, please leave me another comment so I can then add it to the magazine.

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